Are you spending a big chunk of your time sorting out administrative issues? Do you want to focus on vital business issues than spending time maintaining labourious spreadsheets for invoicing and reports? Ekavat’s logistics management software provides the perfect tool for your business to automate administrative functions, streamline day to day processes and optimise productivity.

Logistics companies have a huge responsibility to support complex operations in real time since the logistics industry is the backbone of global supply chain processes.Logistics management software by Ekavat is a feature packed cloud based transportation management software for freight management,courier and logistics Software companies . Our Delivery logistics software covers the end to end needs of freight forwarders, vehicle logistics firms, packers and movers, relocation service providers etc.

Ekavat’s Logistics software, will not only help you manage your business with ease but also enable you to swiftly respond to evolving imperatives of business, regulatory changes, market conditions, etc. Our freight management software helps you to efficiently manage your constantly changing company. And the best part is you can do this from anywhere with any device! All you need is just an internet connection!

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Features of Ekavat’s Logistics Management Software


Total accessibility

Ekavat’s Delivery logistics software provides total accessibility through cloud storage


End to end solution

We have aimed to provide end to end solution to all administrative challenges through our Delivery logistics software


Customer control

Our Delivery logistics software provides total customer control – right from pick up till drop off


Single dashboard

Through our logistics management software, we make sure that all the key information can be viewed from a single dashboard


Billing and accounting

we have ensured that our Delivery logistics software provides users with optimised billing and accounting cycles


Driver allocation and payment

You can allocate jobs to drivers and make payments to them efficiently and easily through our Delivery logistics software


Coalesce all offices

Our Delivery logistics software will help you to coalesce all branch offices into one system


Map based job status

Our Delivery logistics software will help you get real time status updates through our map based job status


Automated invoicing

We provide robust automated invoicing process through our logistics software


Report generation

With our logistics software it is extremely easy to generate reports in order to track progress over time


Data security

Our logistics management software is hosted in a secure cloud server which ensures complete data security and peace of mind


Streamlines accounting process

The accounting processes are completely streamlined and made efficient through Ekavat’s logistics software

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