Time is the most essential commodity in every business and the value of time can't be more critical, than in courier and transportation management . When you could have been engaged in more vital business functions like, planning how better to reach out to customers or making the courier delivery process more smooth, you've rather been bogged down by less important tasks vis-à-vis record management and accounting processes. Our courier software enriches your top and bottom lines directly, with optimised costs and enhanced productivity. Feel true freedom in managing your courier business, for after all, time is money!

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Highlight features of our software:

Cloud based

Gain total accessibility through our cloud storage.

Gain control over your job summary details

End to End Solution to all administrative challenges.

Store your customer’s details

Total customer control - From Pick up to Drop off.

single dashboard

Single dashboard for all key information.

billing cycle options

Optimized billing and accounting cycles.

day rates or variable

Efficient driver allocation and payments.

Multiple customer

Coalesce all your branch offices into one system

map functionality

Stay updated with our map based job status

Invoice details

Robust automated invoicing process.


Easier report generation for tracking progress over time.

Secured information storage

Our secure servers mean your data is fully secure.

Secured information storage

Manage and streamline accounting process.

The courier management software by Ekavat is a complete and powerful system for the effective administration of your courier business. Either as a plug-in to your existing web page or when added to a new website, our courier management software is perfectly cut out to be the ideal solution to all the administrative issues that your courier company might face.

From accounts, invoice and reports to dispatch and delivery management, we help you cut down on time consuming manual processes. All your key processes can now be monitored in one comprehensive dashboard. Look no further if you want to streamline your business and make it work for you!

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