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Fleet Management Software for Vehicle Workshops

A Comprehensive Solution For End-End Automotive Maintenance

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The fleet management software from Ekavat is tailor made to suit almost every administrative requirement in the vehicle management business. As a cloud-based software for vehicle maintenance service, we provide the most convenient solution in the form of a Plug & Play to your existing website. We have clients in UK, USA, India and other parts of the world.

  • maintenance schedules Easy liaison of information between fleet company and Fitting Stations.

    Quotations, Vehicle Information, Repair Status & Amendments - No More Miscommunication.

  • maintenance schedules One dashboard to view them all!.From repair details to periodic maintenance schedules.

    Every critical process you want monitored, customised to one compact dashboard.

  • maintenance schedules No more tedious and messy paperwork or spreadsheets!

    With all your processes hosted on secure servers, data entry and retrieval is ultra convenient.

  • maintenance schedules From mechanics wages to service charge rates manage all accounting for your garage.

    Just Plug & Play to supervise all financial inflow and outflow.

  • inventories Maintain and update comprehensive databases for all vehicles and spares related inventories.

    Engage as many customers, fitting stations, fleet managers as you want.. hassle-free record management.

  • hassle-free record management 100% Cloud storage means total accessibility across devices with just an internet connection.

    Personal Emergency? Holidaying in The Caribbean? All your data is still right at your fingertips.

  • Plug & Play All data saved on trusted servers all you need to do is Plug & Play!

    Whether it be tax rates or consumption of spare parts. have all your costs covered.

  • reports From sales to fuel consumption to mechanics' effectiveness, generate and monitor all reports with just ONE click!

    Data crunching and analytics has never been this easy.

  • Less time in administrative Less time in administrative work means more effective vehicle servicing and high customer satisfaction.

    Get the focus-shift back to what matters the most - Keeping Customers Happy!

From Motor Garages to Large fleet managers, our vehicle manager software enables you to manage time better, and streamline your business by having all your garage management needs including accounting, invoicing and reporting done in just a click!

Command & Control your business with Ease & Erudition, like never before!

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