What we are

Ekavat is a team of highly experienced professionals, which includes IT experts and qualified accountants. We have our offices located in Crawley, West Sussex, UK.

We develop solutions to enable the optimal scheduling, resource allocation and resource utilisation. All our 4D-products and services use core technology solution which is flexible and easy to use. Any resource (man power, equipment, space) that needs to be allocated for a period of time can get benefited by implementation of our 4D solutions. 4D Products are not just a booking software – It is a complete CRM package.

What we are

All our 4D-products offer

  •   Online set-up and access from any computer/device connected to the internet
  •   Reminder services through e-mail
  •   Secure database of customers for better management
  •   Networking the resources
  •   Scalable architecture
  •   Responsive websites, compatible for all kinds of Desktops, tablets and mobile phones
  •   Promotional offers and discounts for repetitive customers
  •   Targeted advertising through online search engines
  •   Complete back-office solutions, reporting and more
  •   Analysis and reporting for improving the efficiency

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us

We have delivered several IT projects for the small and medium sized companies. See our customer testimonials.

We have developed products for different industries such as hotels / leisure, auto and pet Industry with the best functionalities available in the market at very competitive rates. If you like to produce outstanding results for your business with the help of latest technologies, kindly contact us. We can provide you powerful solutions and add you to the list of delighted customers! Our contact details are available here