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Hotel Management Software

Looking for-Software to increase bookings for your Hotel online? Use our Hotel Booking Software-a complete Hotel Booking Solution to make a difference now Ekavat

Hotel Booking Software is one of our wonderful 4D-products. It is an excellent hotel management software. Hotel business owners can add this software as a plug-in to the web pages. Business owner can manage all the details such as billings, reservations, room bookings, payments and other functionalities. It provides the perfect solution for hotels, bed and breakfast (B&B), guest houses and cottage business web pages.

One of the key features of this software is channel manager option. Suppose your hotel has hundred rooms for accommodation, you have advertised the hundred rooms in multiple websites. If a user books three rooms in the hundred rooms available, then the completed bookings will be closed automatically in the other websites. This is the process of channel management. The purpose of this feature is to make sure that the same rooms are not booked repeatedly in the other channels / websites. Un-booked rooms will be open for bookings in the other channels. It has a lot to offer for both the customers and the hotels.

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