• What is Social Media?

    Social Media are the websites that allow internet users to connect, share and publish their own thoughts online. It allows news, videos or any important information to propagate to the wider audiences in just a few seconds or sometimes fraction of a second. Some Social Media websites are dedicated to large audiences whereas some are tailored to niche audiences. Most common Social Media sites are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, blogs, forums and many more.

  • What is SMM?

    SMM or Social Media marketing is a practice of utilizing Social Media for branding, resolving customer queries. It is the content strategy published via facebook, twitter. It is unlike traditional marketing where you need resources to publish the content. These days Social Media marketing is an important step to succeed online. According “State of Inbound Marketing-2012”, Social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing.

  • Why do I need SMM?

    Apart from generating back links to your website, Social Media also helps you keeping engaged with your customers frequently. According to a research 84% of B2B marketers use social media in some form from 83% of marketers of all business types indicating that social media is important for their business. When Social Media is used correctly, it provides an excellent platform to connect potential customers with the existing customers.

  • What can a Social Media Marketing do for my business?

    Social Media can create awareness about your product; it connects the companies with their potential customers. According to State of Inbound Marketing, “Companies that acquired customers from Facebook alone: B2C is 77% and B2B is 43%”.

  • How can I generate leads on Social Media?

    Normally Social Media users expect information and it is not a sales platform but it creates ways for the sales to come in. If you set it right, your websites will get more traffic from you Social Media.

  • Can a Social Media Marketing replace traditional marketing?

    You can consider Social Media Marketing as one of your highly important digital channel in addition to your need for traditional marketing. Social Media can help you improve your leads many time if used with traditional approach.

  • Is Social Media Marketing and Search Engine marketing same?

    Social Media Marketing is a broader term that includes Search Engine Optimization, PPC advertising, Blog marketing, Social Media marketing and many more. Therefore, Social Media marketing is one facet of Search Engine marketing that allows you interact with your customers by sharing information about your products and services.