Top Digital Marketing Strategies & Trends 2017

Top Digital Marketing Strategies & Trends 2017

digital marketing strategies 2017

As digital marketing gets a new shape every year, it is good to know the hottest trends (for the year 2017) available in the internet media marketing. Google keeps on shooting up the new algorithm changes to make sure that there are no spaces for the spammers in the digital media. If you have a plan to duplicate the content or involve in other spam marketing techniques, then please do rethink again. Your website may get penalized or de-indexed completely in the Google search engine. Avoid all the spam tactics and follow genuine online marketing methodologies to reach your business goal. Here, we have listed out the top digital marketing trends for the year 2017.

Top Online Advertising Strategies & Trends 2017

Big Data is a big deal:
Big Data plays an important role in data analytics. According to Gartner technology research, Big Data is not a single technology or a shortlist of vendors. It’s a loose collection of evolving tools, techniques and talent. Gartner defines big data as “high volume, velocity and/or variety of information assets that demand new, innovative forms of processing for enhanced decision making, business insights or process optimization.” Big Data is an in-depth knowing about your customer behaviour, trend analysis, market intelligence, predictive analytics, etc.. When you have a clear view about your customer needs and trends, achieving the business success is quite easy.

Device-friendly designs (responsiveness):

According to the Google's latest algorithm update, mobile friendliness is the key to rank high. Make a responsive website and you will get rewarded for the work. By developing a responsive website, user exit rate becomes low. Thus it gives a good opportunity to rank better in the search engines.

Video marketing:

As the world is searching for quick solution in everything, video marketing would reach millions of people quickly than the ordinary way of marketing (bill boards, hoardings, brochures, pamphlets, etc). There are many online video channels available. All you need is an interesting video about your products / services to reach the targeted audience.

Locality search marketing:

This is an ideal marketing methodology for all types of businesses especially for the small organizations. Locality-wise marketing should be your first preference. A business should prove their presence in their locality first of all. After the success, they can target the city-wise & nation-wide audience. Always make sure that your presence is very strong in your own locality.

Create online surveys:

Know the customer needs and behaviour. Take survey to identify the pulse of your target audience. Your survey can be either direct or online. By publishing a survey online, you provide real-time data to the viewers, there is a chance of attracting more people to your website.


Conversion rate optimization:


Whether you are marketing your campaign through SEO or PPC, attractive landing page is necessary to achieve high conversion rates. The landing page should have all the important blocks such as form fills, images, service descriptions, discounts (if any), free downloadable materials, testimonials and videos. Having all the important elements in place can improve your leads & finally the sales.


Email & social media marketing:


Email marketing is a very old technique but it is still effective for most of the digital businesses. Know your customer completely. Collect all the details. Contact them with attractive emails. The open rate & conversion depends upon the features of emails. Major advantage of email marketing is that your business is visible to the end customers directly.


Social media marketing is still a very important way of digital marketing. You need to engage in the social media actively for driving the traffic to your webpage. Some of the important activities include,


1. Facebook promotions & re-marketing

2. Twitter sharing & replies

3. Social media group engagement

4. Image & video sharing

5. Bookmarking

Mobile marketing:

With the huge rise of smart phone users, it is important for the digital marketers to identify the mobile marketing techniques.


1. What the users are searching for? (In mobile devices)

2. Mobile users - interests

3. Mobile users - demographics

4. Age groups

5. Most popular social media websites in the mobile devices (based on service type and location)

Apart from all these points, user-friendly mobile apps would contribute much to the growth of a business.

Wearable technology:

According to the Wikipedia – Wearable technology, wearable devices, tech togs, or fashion electronics are clothing and accessories incorporating computer and advanced electronic technologies. Google Glass and Apple Watch have the wearable technology platform. The designs often incorporate practical functions and features. As more and more technology comes into play, digital marketing should cope with the technology requirements to overcome the competition.


By knowing all the latest trends and implementing it thoroughly can bring enormous growth to your digital media business.



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