Pet Business Marketing Tips & Promotional Ideas

Pet Business Marketing Tips & Promotional Ideas

Global pet markets are growing in a rapid manner. According to recent reports, USA and UK are the global leaders in pet business followed by many other countries in the world. As there is an increased interest in buying pets and accessories, pet business would become highly profitable in the upcoming years.

worldwide pet business growth

Image: Pet business improvement (worldwide data)

As an owner of pet shop, you need to be clear about the target users and goals. Pet businesses need to follow efficient marketing plans, strategies and promotional ideas to overcome their competitors. If you have a website for the pet shop, you need to know how to attract the online visitors to your pet shop website. Here, we have provided the list of pet business marketing tips and promotional ideas.

List of pet business marketing tips and strategies:

Give out freebies:

Offer exciting gifts and freebies to regular customers. If you want to sell any important pet products with high profit margin, the most important thing is marketing. To attract new customers, you can provide freebies with the original product. The customers need to feel that the product is worth for the cost. By providing freebies, your business can win over the competitors easily.

Update the website frequently:

Search engines love websites, which gets updated frequently. Add content in your website about the services, latest products, offers, etc... If you have a blog connected with webpage, make sure to update the content on a regular basis. Provide useful tips for your customers. By updating the web pages regularly, the website can grab more numbers of visitors from the targeted location.

Strengthen your online presence with powerful marketing strategies:

Whether you practice offline or online marketing strategies, dedicate your time completely, until the business reaches popularity among the potential customers. When you want to strengthen the marketing strategy, the best option is online promotion. Online advertisement strategies such as SEO, PPC, social media promotion and email marketing work well for the pet business.
Go social and connect with targeted users:

In the current trend, the word “social” is very popular. Social media is a very powerful platform for all types of businesses, especially the small and medium sized organizations. Share your deals, offers, product details and services in the social networking websites. Registration is free of cost and easy. Make sure that you capture the right audiences in social media. Promote your store / products to the right category of people to earn high returns and profits.

Video marketing:

Create interesting videos about the pet services that you offer for the customers. Videos should be short and crispy. To create videos, there are various online tools available. Make use of them and publish the promotional videos of your pet shop in various video channels such as YouTube, Metacafe, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Liveleak, Veoh, Break, etc..

Top 7 video sharing websites and their audience profile:

1. YouTube – 30,000,000 visitors (Per Day)
2. Vimeo - 130,000,000 visitors (Monthly)
3. DailyMotion - 100,000,000 visitors (Monthly)
4. LiveLeak - 45,000,000 visitors (Monthly)
5. Veoh - 15,000,000 visitors (Monthly)
6. Break - 14,000,000 visitors (Monthly)
7. MetaCafe - 12,500,000 visitors (Monthly)

Due to high potential in terms of audience reach, pet shops can utilize these video channels to reach their local customers. Use proper title, keyword tagging and description in videos for reaching the correct viewers.

Make your customers happy:

There is nothing better than a quality service. To make the customers happy, provide customer-friendly service always. Take an extra step and give facilities / opportunities that competitors had missed out completely. Happy customers refer your service to other people (friends and relatives). Thus it is opens the gateway to enlarge the business easily. Always listen to the feedback and improvement tips from the customers. It helps you a lot in pet business improvement plan.

Focus on local listings:

Google’s local listing is the powerful option for localized searches. Whenever users search for a pet product store in your location, Google search engine provides localized search results at the top three positions. Submit your shop address / website details to the Google local listings. After successful submission, your business is listed in the search results (based on competition factor). Ratings and reviews play an important role in popularity. Receive positive reviews from various Google Plus (G+) users. It is an added advantage.

Conduct regular events:

Host various types of pet-related events on a regular basis. Conduct parties, music shows, contests, giveaways to attract the attention of visitors. Interesting entertainment shows can get people in the door.

Business cards and brochures:

Some of the old marketing methods such as business cards, pamphlets, leaflets and brochures are still effective to advertise your pet service. Try these methods for getting brand recognition in your locality. The major advantage of this methodology is that you can advertise the brand logo on a shoestring budget. It is an affordable way of marketing.

Automate your business:

Managing a pet product shop or pet boarding service is not easy. It consumes lots of time and effort.
Try to automate the pet business management tasks. Thus you can spend valuable time on improving the quality of service and customer relationship. Automation can save time, work load and money. It increases the focus on productivity, fault identification and tracking.

Build partnership with other pet shops:

Get together with other pet shops or pet brands and build partnership with them. Provide attractive offers on specific products that involve all of you. Host an event in the community, like a pet fashion show. When you band together with like-minded people, you would be able to explore market opportunities and sell your products easily.

Provide unique services:

If you want visibility from the right audience, stand out from the crowd. Provide unique & quality services to customers. Follow certain set of rules that makes you differ from the competitors. This technique suits well for any type of businesses.

Give press release in local newspaper:

Local newspapers are the ideal platform to advertise business because sale conversions are high in this technique. Local ads can reach few thousands of people in your locality but it brings the essential service orders and sales. Press releases are free and they appear more trustworthy to the readers since they are placed in the news section rather than appearing as a classified advertisement.

Get positive reviews online:

Serve customers and make them feel happy. The customers who are satisfied with your pet business can refer the service to others. They may give positive feedback and reviews online, through social media platforms, forums, emails, comments, etc.. Good reviews help in popularizing your brand automatically.


These are the effective marketing tips and promotional strategies that you can implement in advertising the pet shops and boarding kennel services.



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