Tips to create a website that conveys your company or brand personality

Tips to create a website that conveys your company or brand personality

Do you think your website lacks brand personality? What would you do when stuck talking to the dullest person in a gathering? EXACTLY! Similarly, visitors to your website will be looking for the nearest escape route pretty quickly if your website does not have a brand personality. It can hurt your conversion rate and repeat business to a great extent.

Websites, like people, have personalities that can help boost your company and brand image. Your website personality will set your brand apart from competitors and help you connect with audience. Developing a website with brand personality is similar to creating a character for your company that your customers will want to engage with. To design a website with brand personality, here are few important points to consider:

Tips for creating a user-friendly website

  • Connect to the visitor’s emotion
  • Persuade with facts
  • Make the website warm and welcoming
  • Communicate with humour
  • Keep updating with new content and facts
  • Appeal to social conscience instead of just talking business
  • Content should target the right audience. For example gender, age, geographic location, etc.
  • Discuss benefits for the future with solutions for the present by talking about problems from the past
  • Should be graceful in design and practical in appearance
  • Should be giving something of value away for free
  • Talk about the benefits you offer
The easiest way to make your website stand out from a crowd of competitors is to give it a brand personality. Your web designers must have the capability to tap into human emotions through well-conceived designs and content that can connect with your website visitor and can create a memorable solution for your visitors.

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