Is your business moving with i-Technology?

Is your business moving with i-Technology?

The impact that the internet is having on businesses has been unprecedented. As more and more people shop online, including via mobile phones and tablets, the share of internet shopping is on the increase.

Did you know that about 1/5th of non-food sales made in Dec '13 was through the internet, which represented a 1/6th increase over the previous year (Source BRC -

IMRG predicts that in 2014, the online sales will increase 17% to £107 bn! That's an incredible sum, out of which almost 6% were made through mobiles and tablets.

The winners and losers

Some of the major firms who have reported growing profits are those that have embraced the internet and online shopping. This includes Next, Johnlewis, Asos. While those that have been slow to jump into the i-bandwagon have been reporting plummeting sales -- like  Morrisons, Tesco & M & S.

John Lewis, which has been a poineer in internet marketing clocks 30 % of its total sales via the internet (for the year 2013). This is an increase from 25% in the previous year. Over half of the traffic to is through mobile devices.

The future is internet and m-retail

With such incredible numbers being reported via online sales, companies that embrace the internet and provide customers online shopping will thrive. While those that are slow to do so will face tough trading conditions.

Technology has had a hugely disruptive impact on businesses like never before in the history of trade and commerce. Information and feedback on products and services are available on the click of a mouse or swipe on mobile. The way businesses respond to this opportunity / challenge will chart their future course.

We would thus urge businesses to invest in internet sales / platforms to grasp this opportunity to not just keep up with competition, but to surge ahead.

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  • SJ

    7/31/2014 7:44:43 AM |

    Well said. I totally agree with the author. Thanks for the statistics. It is quite helpful.



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