How to find out the best keywords for your website?

How to find out the best keywords for your website?

Are you worried about finding the best keywords for your website? Here are some tips to help you in your effort. To start preparing a list of possible keywords for your website, there is no better way other than typing your product and location in the search engine like Google or Bing and see the results that show up. It may not be always necessary that the search results show all your best business competitors. Sometimes a website may appear just because the product was mentioned in the content and the website may not suggest to be your competitor. To continue refining on your best keywords following tips are suggested:

Tips to find the best keywords for your web page

1.       Make it more meaningful:  It is a good approach to make your keywords making more sense in terms of user behaviour search. For example typing “House” or “Home” keywords in the search engine may not necessarily display the search results for real estates.  Keywords like “House for sale” or “Houses in Crawley” may display better results about estate businesses.

2.       Find out patterns in the way that people search: Your effort may be wasted on a keyword that will not bring your website a traffic and convert visitors to customers. Therefore it is important to understand

a.       Pattern your customers will be searching for

b.      Whether searched terms display your competitors or not

3.       Refer your website content to the customer search: It is a good idea to have your website content include the keywords, keyword phrases including the questions based on your customer search behaviour for your product. For example while searching for “Washing Machine”, if more searches are found for “Best Washing Machine” or “Cheapest Washing Machine”, it is advisable to include that in your website content.

4.       Categorise keywords: Categorise your keywords based on perfect and near-perfect matches. Perfect matches can be included in the carefully designed content. However, content can be updated later to take care of near-perfect match keywords. Once you have updated the content, add a sitemap to Google & Bing webmaster tools.

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